2023 Global Privacy Assembly People's Choice Award Winner - byDesign


We’re thrilled to announce that ict abovo, in collaboration with the Hellenic Data Protection Authority, has played a pivotal role in the award-winning byDesign project, recognized with the prestigious People’s Choice Award at the GPA Global Privacy Awards 2023!

Description of the Initiative:
ict abovo  in collaboration with the Hellenic DPA, developed and deployed an innovative online compliance toolkit aimed at supporting SMEs in achieving GDPR compliance. This toolkit empowers data controllers and processors to seamlessly create essential compliance documents, leveraging context-aware templates for processing activity records, data protection policies, consent forms, and more.

Implemented under the project byDesign, funded by the European Union’s Rights, Equality, and Citizenship Programme (REC), this initiative is a testament to collaborative innovation.

Why This Initiative Deserves Recognition:
ict abovo’s collaboration with the Hellenic DPA has resulted in an unparalleled online compliance toolkit that actively assists data controllers. This tool surpasses existing solutions by generating essential compliance documents, significantly aiding SMEs with limited resources in their GDPR compliance journey.

The positive impact of this toolkit extends not only to Greece but also to other EU Member States, streamlining compliance processes and setting new standards.

Key Figures:
Since its launch in July 2022 until May 2023, the toolkit has witnessed significant engagement, with 1468 individuals accessing the questionnaire and 883 zip files of compliance materials being generated.

ict abovo takes immense pride in its collaboration with the Hellenic DPA and the University of Piraeus on the byDesign project, and we extend our gratitude to all involved parties for their dedication to advancing data protection practices for SMEs.

For more information and to explore the toolkit, click here.